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Here are the 3 Steps necessary to secure your place on the Journey to Antarctica: ’Anaesthesia at the Extreme’ Conference & Expedition 

(See Conference Information & Booking page for a refresher of all the Conference & Expedition costs)

Step 1: Pay your Conference & Expedition Co-ordinator Fee now  – AUD$200 per person
Please choose one of the payment options below.
FULLY REFUNDED within 24 hours if you choose not to proceed with your booking/reservation due to cabin category unavailability.

Step 2: Make your booking for the Voyage
Once you’ve completed Step 1. you’ll be redirected to another Thank you page where you will be able to download your voyage accommodation booking/reservation form (which will need to be returned to us via email asap).

Step 3: Once you secure your booking for the Voyage, Delegates will be contacted via email in the coming weeks to pay the AUD$1,300 balance of their ‘Anaesthesia at the Extreme’ Conference Fee (not applicable to partners/travel companions).
No need to contact us, we’ll get in touch with you.


Step 1: Pay your Conference & Expedition Co-ordinator Fee

Please select which payment option you would like to proceed with.  
You will be redirected to make your voyage booking/reservation once your payment is successful.
*This amount will be FULLY REFUNDED to you within 24 hours if you choose not to proceed with your booking/reservation due to cabin category unavailability.

I’m paying 
1x Delegate Guest
No travel companion

[stripe name=”Delegate Guest” description=”1 x Delegate Guest” amount=”20000″]

I’m paying AUD$400 for
1x Delegate Guest
+1x Partner/Travel Companion

[stripe name=”Delegate Guest + Companion” description=”1 x Delegate Guest + 1 x Companion” amount=”40000″]

What is this for?

All Conference attendees, plus those individuals coming along as partners/traveling companions are required to pay this $200 fee. This is part of your conference registration cost – as outlined in the Conference Information & Booking page.

Partners and traveling companions will be able to attend any conference lectures which they might find of interest. Dr Anthony Padley will also be running CPR courses for non-medical attendees.

For Delegates, this $200 payment counts towards the total of your ‘Anaesthesia at the Extreme’ Conference Fee
Total conference fee per Delegate = AUD$1,500. Delegates will be contacted to pay the remaining AUD$1,300 once their booking has been secured. (Not applicable to partners/travel companions)